3 Types Of Web Traffic – Which Is The Best !

types of web traffic

Discover the 3 different types of web traffic for your blog, and which one is the best to use to get super targeted repeat traffic.


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3 Types Of web Traffic

1.Traffic You Control

This could be paid traffic, solo ads, banners ads or even affiliate traffic from your affiliates. You know where you are going place your ads or who is promoting so you have control of this web traffic.

2. Traffic You Don't Control

Traffic you don't control includes SEO, Social Media and Press Releases. When Google ranks a particular article or page on your website you have no control over this. With Social Media Facebook will determine who sees your posts in their feed. Unless its paid ads then it falls into number one. 

3. Traffic You Own

This is definitely the one you should be focusing on. So what do we mean by Traffic You Own. Well we are talking about your email list, there for  the idea is to use the traffic from the first two categories to build your email list, then this is traffic that you own.

These people have signed up for your free gift,  video course whatever, and so are highly targeted to what you are offering. If you are not already building your email list then start now even if you are only gathering a few people a month, you can grow to thousands a month with just a little work.

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