Hi I am Martin from Designed-4-U.com

Father to two grown up children, part time carer for my wife and our three Cavachon dogs. 

Originating from a graphics background (before the days of personal PC's) I have always enjoyed creating things, and helping others. 

After 12 years in the graphic industry, I took a totally different path in the leisure industry (another passion of mine) but this time as the "BOSS". Those first steps running my own business were daunting and challenging  but also very rewarding. In 2010 this was cut short when my wife became seriously ill. I sold the business and became a full time carer.

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But the entrepreneurial blood running through my veins meant I needed to do something. So I decided to build my own website and sell some products from home. That's when I fell in love with Wordpress.  

As my wife improved gradually I was able to do more, attend seminars, learn about SEO, Lead generation and Blogging. I met with others in the online marketing space and picked their brains, learning all the time.

I continued to discover more about Wordpress and the Blogging world, and could do all this from home too. I had found a way to use my creative brain and help others, whilst caring for my wife. It wasn't long before friends and family were asking me to help them build their websites and blogs or just create images and graphics. 

I just love helping people, so was of course more than willing to do this for people. This quickly became friends of friends and Designed 4 U was born. 

Although I loved creating blogs and graphics I also participate in online forums helping as many people as I can, giving back is key for me. I started blogging to help others follow their passion on their own blog.  Its very satisfying being able to earn money from doing just that. 

I now earn money every month from my blog and you can too!

Why Should You Start Blogging ? 

Blogging is an excellent way of helping others within your niche and in time being able replace or gain additional income. Many bloggers are earning $1000's every month just talking and writing about something they are passionate about. I am passionate about blogging, affiliate marketing, email marketing and here to help you every step of the way. 

You can Build a Blog here, just shout if you need any help.

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Whether you are a stay at Mom (or Dad) or a high flying executive blogging is so versatile you can make it work around your life. Now don't get me wrong you will need time, dedication and above all focus... but hey if I can blog when I failed English as school (twice) then anyone can.... 

Thanks for visiting my blog I look forward to hearing your story lets connect.



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