Thrive Architect Review

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Thrive Architect is a front end WordPress editor, formally known as Thrive Content Builder. It has been developed by the team at Thrive Themes

So why should you use Thrive Architect when building WordPress pages and posts ? 

First thing you need to do once you have the Thrive Architect plugin is to add it to you WordPress plugins and activate it.

If you are unfamiliar to doing this then follow this video on Youtube

Once loaded and activated every time you go to add a new post or page you will have the option to build it with Thrive Architect. There is no need to change your theme as the plugin works with any theme so even if you have already built a blog or website Thrive Architect can be easily added and all future work will be even faster to produce.

thrive architect review

Why Use Thrive Architect ?

We all have busy lives and your time is limited, Thrives' simple drag and drop editing saves you heaps of time and making it so easy to add complex elements into your website fast. Using their "click to edit" featured on every element means that their is no need to any coding to be done.... Yay lets face it we all hate coding !

By clicking on each individual element you are able to edit every thing to create an amazing design. These include different fonts and shadowing, background styles, layout and positioning, borders and corners and even animation on certain elements.

thrive architect plugin

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Pre Built Conversion Elements

Having a range of pre built elements alleviates the need for numerous plugins which can slow down your site. All the elements are built into the plugin enabling your to add things like customized buttons, columns, background sections, countdown timers, icons, tables, lists, progress bars and even lead generation which can be easily integrated to your current email marketing system. 

Of course each element can be changed by clicking on it and either changing it or dragging it to a different position. If you have an element that you want to replicate on each blog post or page then they have even thought of that you can save it as a template then you never have to build it again. I use this all the time saves me hours.

thrive architect review
benefits of affiliate marketing

Landing Pages Too

With Thrive Architect marketing very business is so simple, they have added 170 beautifully designed landing pages, webinar pages, download pages, thank you pages all you to do is choose your template add your own images, text and colours and you have your very own marketing funnels set up with a few clicks. For those that are more creative just choose a blank page and build from scratch. 

thrive architect landing pages

Fully Responsive

Once you have built your page or post you can check out what its going to look like on tablet and mobile, nothing new there, but in Thrive Architect you can also make certain elements visible on each individual device with just one click of a button.

Plus you can edit within each device too making your designs look great across all devices. This is especially good for mobile as such a high percentage of content is viewed that way.

thrive architect wordpress plugin
benefits of affiliate marketing


In my view Thrive Architect is the best front end WordPress editor on the market. With all the features, drag and drop usage and constant updates and ongoing support you would be mad not to use this to increase your conversions and save you time too. You can buy Thrive Architect for a low one time fee right now, no monthly subscriptions grab yours now and start making your life easier.

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    Fast and easy to use
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    No coding needed
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    Numerous elements that you can add
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    Ideal for beginners and experts too
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    Full support and updates included
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    Pre designed landing page sets
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    Fully responsive for mobile viewing
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    Conversion inspired elements