5 Key Benefits Why You Need A Website For Your Business

why you need a website
key benefits of why you need a website

Having been in the web design game a few years now, I am always answering the question " Why you need a website for your business " below is a video where I explain the 5 key benefits of why you need a website for your business. 


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1. Communicating with your clients and customers both old and new

Having a website gives you the ability to communicate directly with your existing customers as well as inviting new ones to give feedback and become repeat customers.

2. Showing off all your products and services

Being able to showcase all your products and services in one easy to navigate site has a massive advantage. With e-commerce products now available too its just made it even easier.

3. Take orders direct to be sent out or collected

With the e-commerce sites such as Ebay and Amazon exploding over the last few years, online purchasing is becoming normal practice. With your ability at add these facilities to your own site your turnover can rise with costs staying relatively static. So the customer gets ease of ordering you get more business its a win win all round.

4. Gain vital feedback from your customers

One of the best benefits of why you need a website is too include vital feedback from customers that can help you improve your services and products.

5 Reasons why you need a website for your business 

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5. Extending your opening hours

Most businesses only open for 8 -10 hours a day by having a website you can be open for business 24/7 365 days a year. This especially works if you customers can order straight off the website.

So whenever you find yourself asking why you need a website for your business check out this video.

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