51 Blog Post Ideas For Any Niche

blog post ideas
blog post ideas

Sometimes even the best bloggers get writers block, so if you get the same thing don't be too hard on yourself. In this post I cover 51 blog post ideas that you can use across any niche.... 

As well as blog post ideas I will also be covering the different blog formats you can use as well as the various ways you can present your content. I must admit I am as guilty as anyone to get brain freeze when looking to write my next blog post. So gathering up loads of ideas and placing them together means both myself and yourself can use this post to refer back to anytime we want to.... 

Blog Post Formats

Okay let's cover some of the different types of blog formats that you can use on your blog posts.

Pillar Post - This is a very detailed post probably around 2,000 words about one subject. Here's an example How to build a blog and make money in 2018

A Series - This would be a group of posts that are all related to one subject 

Update - This post would be bringing your readers up to speed on changes from a previous post

Round Up - These posts would be weekly, monthly or even yearly and cover a similar theme

Standard - This is of medium length and is a general post

What Medium To Use In Your Post

There are various mediums you can use within your post too. There is the most common text post. Equally popular these days is video, especially with sites such as Youtube making it super easy to host your videos and mobile phones having the ability to produce videos in seconds. Podcasts (audio) are becoming more popular too. Less popular but as effective can be slideshows and image only posts. You can of course mix several mediums in the one post, this can work well as it breaks up your readers thought pattern.

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Blog Post Ideas

  • Lists (List of anything in your niche, for me could be popular WordPress plugins for blogging)
  • Questions and Answers (Ask a question give your answer and invite others to comment their answer too)
  • How to Videos (Using videos to explain a problem)
  • Current Events (Using current topics and how they effect you)
  • Numbered Best (Top 10 of something relevant in your niche)
  • Reviews (Review a product or service in your niche)
  • Promotional (Promote an affiliate product or one of your own)
  • Tutorials (Explain how to do/make something)
  • Educational (Explain why you do a particular thing)
  • Slideshows (Showing a series of images and text slides to explain something)
  • Case Studies (Using stats and figures to show your progress)
  • Inspirational (Inspire your readers)
  • Life Lessons (What you or someone else has learnt)
  • Predictions (Your take on whats coming up)
  • Quotes (Inspirational and motivational quotes work well) 
  • Gallery (Show off your work)
  • Testimonials (Let your readers know how you are helping others)
  • Biggest Mistakes (Help others by listing your mistakes and how you overcame them and succeeded)
  • Beginners Guide (Show beginners in your niche how to start)
  • Interviews (Interview experts in your niche)
  • Bragging Rights (Shout about something that went well and explain how others can do the same)
  • Pick of the Week (Pick out top articles you have read and discuss it)
  • Products I Love (Write about a product or products that you love and why you love it)
  • Portfolio (Showcase yours or someone elses work)
  • Motivational (Share something that will motivate your readers)
  • Checklist (Very popular and can be utilised across all niches)
  • Goals (Share your goals invite others to comment with their goals) 
  • Quizzes (Everyone loves a quiz maybe get people to sign up to get the answers)
  • Competitions (Explain the competition, how to enter and what they win, great for interaction)
  • Behind the Scenes (Show the inside workings of your business)
  • Your Journey So Far (People love to follow what people are doing)
  • Favorite Books (Readers are always looking for recommendations, don't limit these to just books, could be films, tv shows)
  • Customer of the Month (Recognise your customers and give them a boost to show you appreciate them) 
  • Updates (Update your readers of changes from previous posts)
  • Events (Promote your events either off or online)
  • Resources (Every business needs resources)
  • Progress Report (More detailed than an update post)
  • Profile Post (Promote one of your followers, customers or experts your follow)
  • Recommendations (This could be products, tools, resources)
  • Pro Tips (Write about what the experts are saying)
  • Definition Post (Ideal to explain the technical jargon in your niche)
  • Bucket List (Share your bucket list and invite others to comment)
  • Video Diary (Ideal for weight loss or fitness niches so you video your daily routines or progress)
  • Breaking News (This could be reaction to world news events or just your niche)
  • Weekly Roundup (What's happening within your blog or niche)
  • Before and After (Track your before and after and explain what you did to make it better or worse)
  • Sneak Peak (Launching a new product give your readers a heads up in advance of the launch)
  • Daily Habits (Document what you do daily)
  • Myth Busting (Dispel those myths around certain things within your niche)
  • Insider Secrets (Cover what the pros are doing)
  • Non Techy Guide (Explaining something that is quite techy in a very simple way for all to understand)

Trust this list has given you some lightbulb moments and you will always have something to refer back to when you are stuck for something to blog about. 

If you have any other great ideas that I have not mentioned let me know in the comments below. 

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