How To Get Traffic To Your Brand New Blog

how to get traffic to your new blog
traffic to your blog

So you have created your blog, thought of the niche you want to cover, started creating some amazing content, Now what ! Blog Traffic !1 you need to get eyeballs on your creation. Here's 6 ways you can start driving some blog traffic... Follow these 10 simple steps start your blog today.


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1. Become Part Of A Blogging Community

Comment of others posts with enticing and useful feedback. Go out of your way to help other people. Share others blogs, this will build a relationship and come over as someone helpful. Also be a friend to someone they are much more likely to link back to your blog then. 

2. Write Quality Posts

Always post quality over quantity. Without question think about your readers needs and how you can transform their lives. Create amazing content consistently one post a week is fine just be consistent. Posts should be useful, practical and easy to implement with quick results. 

Blog Traffic Tips

3. Guest Post On The Right Blogs

Go through their blog and research their most popular posts let that guide you on ideas. Write a guest post similar to their most popular posts because you know that their audience will like it. Be sure to add in a couple of links back to your site where you can collect emails. Bonus being both you and the blog owner share the post for double the blog traffic.

4. Build Your Email List

Offer valuable freebies on the most popular posts to gain subscribers. Place strategic sign up boxes on your blog. Beginning of post, middle and end and your sidebar. Use email client like AWeber to segment subscribers and send targeted messages. Send weekly roundups, exclusive best tips and consistently email your list to keep it warm.  

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5. Write Posts That Grow Traffic

Interview bigger bloggers in your niche. that have a large following. Send a list of questions to save their time. First befriend them and share their posts. Do a roundup of top posts from influences and add value, how their advice helped you. Likely they will help you share the post. Review a product from an influential blogger. Explain how it has changed your life. They'll love to help you share how their product has helped you. Co-author a post with an influencer on a hot topic in your niche.

6. Use Curiosity 

Start your post with a story that relates to your reader and draws them in. Don't give away everything in the title or first paragraph create mystery and keep them reading. Use headlines to draw in your readers "5 mistakes you didn't know you do" or "Top 3 secrets to..." Use scarcity to drive conversions "Only 3 hours left" or "Exclusive to my subscribers" 

These are the 16 Pinterest tips that helped me get constant traffic in just a few weeks 

Blog Traffic Tips
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